It’s time to make your plans to participate in the latest round of Pokémon TCG and Video Game Regional Championships.

The Pokémon 2013 Spring Regional Championships events are set to feature some of the best competitive play of the year! And, not only will Pokémon TCG and video game players be competing for Travel Awards to the Pokémon National Championships in Indianapolis this summer, but lots of other Pokémon-themed prizes will be on the line as well!

The Spring Regional Championships will take place in five locations—four in the United States and one in British Columbia, Canada—starting on Saturday, April 13th. Space is limited, so try to arrive early to register! The initial rounds of the Pokémon video game event take place on Sunday, April 14th, giving many players the opportunity to show off their Pokémon skills in both events.

Participation in the Spring Regional Championships is open to all players, and is completely free.

Play! Pokémon members—be sure to bring your Player ID when you attend! If you’re new to Pokémon competitive play and you don’t have a Player ID, you’ll receive one for free at the event.

Start making your plans now to compete in the Pokémon Spring Regional Championships!THIS ENDED ALREADY!